“Is It Real Gaffers Tape?” Here Are The Words To Watch Out For

Gaffers tape from thetapeworks.comLots of tape is marketed to the entertainment and video production communities as “gaffers” tape and a lot of it fails to meet the expectations and requirements of production pros.

Here is what to look out for if you want to be sure that you are getting the real thing.

Gaffers tape is made from true cotton cloth.

It the tape is advertised as polyethylene-coated cloth and does not specify cotton, it is not real gaffers tape.

True gaffers tape uses synthetic rubber adhesive, an adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly, leaving no residue.

Tapes that use natural rubber adhesive leave residue behind and are not real gaffers tape.

Tapes with “low gloss” finish are not the same as matte finish tape.

Only a true matte finish will make a tape “disappear” on a stage or video set.

Is the tape “American made”?

While some gaffers tape is made abroad, gaffers tape is an American invention and tape produced in America is made to the highest standards and consistently outperforms the offshore competition.